Voice Support

For your convenience, the Voicemail system has easy to follow voice instructions that will guide you through the mailbox set up and message retrieval procedures.

Get Started

  • Dial-in Access Number: 503-394-3600
  • Mailbox Number is your 10 digit telephone number
  • Password: Defaulted to the last 4-digits of your home phone number

Voicemail Menu Options
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Setting up your voicemail
Set up menu Press 9
Change your greeting Press 1
Change your password Press 2
Edit notification options Press 3
Auto login options Press 4
Language settings Press 5
Return to the main menu Press *
Main Menu
To listen to your new messages Press 1
To listen to your saved messages Press 2
To play the current date and time Press 7
To set up your voicemail box Press 9

Message Retrieval
Play new message Press 1
Save this message and play next message Press 2
Delete this message and play next message Press 3
Save this message as new Press 4
Skip back Press 7
Pause or continue Press 8
Skip forward Press 9
Return to the main menu Press *