Broadband Consumer Labels

The FCC has announced that broadband providers provide easy-to-understand labels to allow consumers to comparison shop for broadband services. The rules require broadband providers to display labels similar to the FDAs requirements for food manufactures to provide Nutrition Facts on their labels. The labels for broadband internet force providers to show all of the "hidden fees" that they like to keep in the fine print. SMTA prides itself on having no "suprise" charges or hidden fees so make sure to compare our "Broadband Facts" with the competition.

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Broadband Facts


100 / 100 Mbps

Fixed Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Monthly Price $85

This Monthly Price is not an introductory rate.

This Monthly Price does not require a contract.

Additional Charges & Terms

Provider Monthly FeesNone
One-time Fees at the Time of Purchase
  • Connect Fee$15
Early Termination Fee None
Government Taxes None

Discounts & Bundles

No Discounts available.

Speeds Provided with Plan

Typical Download Speed 100 Mbps

Typical Upload Speed 100 Mbps

Typical Latency 12 ms

Data Included with Monthly Price Unlimited

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